“Grilled” Grilled Onions

Hi there, friends!

I sure hope that y’all are staying a little cooler than we are out here in our corner of the world! This is my fifth summer here in the desert and it has been the hottest thus far.

With our extreme temperatures, I try to make as many “cool” meals as possible. That means that I make dishes that can be prepared in the morning, when it is still a little cooler in the house, or things that can be prepared on the grill later in the day.

My “grilled” grilled onions are an example of something that I typically make in the kitchen during the cooler months, but move their preparation outside during the blazing summer heat. Basically, they are just grilled onions made on the grill, so “grilled” grilled onions. 😉

Besides the flavor and yummy-ness of these onions, the best part is that you prep, put them on the grill, and walk away until they are done. So easy!!

I love grilled onions on burgers and hot links, of course, but they are great on tacos as well. What is your favorite way to use grilled onions?


Here’s how easy it is…


  • 2 large onions, sliced
  • 1 stick butter, cut into pieces
  • seasoning salt


  • Preheat grill to 350-400 degrees.
  • Spread onion slices on a sheet of aluminum foil.
  • Drop butter pieces on top and sprinkle with desired amount of seasoning salt.
  • Cover with an additional sheet of foil and foil edges together (making a packet).  *I use a cookie sheet underneath for transporting to and from the grill
  • Place packet on grill and grill for approximately 20 minutes.

I personally like a small amount of the “blackened” onions on the bottom, so I grill mine a little longer. 😊

Enjoy! ❤️


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