Furry Family Member #2 – Bailee


Hi there, friends!

Earlier this week, I introduced you to our first Furry Family Member, Babe.

Today, I am introducing you to our second Furry Family Member, Bailee. Bailee is our one and only kitty. She is six years old and we have had her since she was eight weeks old. She was picked out for me by my children as my fortieth birthday gift.

Bailee (then Lily) was up for adoption at the local veterinarian’s office. They were attempting to find a home for her after she had been left at the office door. Two of my girls had taken one of our other furry family members to get some shots and they saw Bailee in the front office. They spoke with the ladies at the front and learned that she needed a home. Immediately, they knew that I would love to be her human Mommy. ❤️

Later that day, after getting home from work, the girls invited me to “tag along” to pick up our other furry family member from the veterinarian. Needing to make a trip into town myself, I went along. When we got to the office, I walked in and immediately saw Bailee. It was love at first sight. ❤️

Since that day, she has been the sassiest, meow-ingest part of our family!


Enjoy! ❤️


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