Silly Al’s Pizza


Hi there friends!

When I was a little girl, having pizza was more of an event than it is today. We did not have anywhere that offered home delivery for pizza. If we wanted to have pizza, we had to go out to eat, a rarity when I was a child.

This usually meant going to a local pizza place with the traditional red and white checked tablecloths, red plastic tumblers, and the wonderful aroma of pizzas baking in the oven. A server would take our order, and then we would wait for the fresh, hot, scrumptious pizza to be placed on our table. The wait time could be anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on how busy the restaurant was. With no TV’s or electronic devices to keep us entertained, we relied on talking and interacting with each other, and, gasp, even talking to families at other tables!! Admittedly, as a child, the wait could seem endless, but when that pizza made it to the table, the anguish of the wait was quickly washed away.

As I became a teen and young adult and moved away from home, carryout and delivery pizza chains became more widespread. Thus, the way we ate pizza changed. We began picking it up from work on the way home or having it delivered. While the convenience is great and our family usually has our pizza in this fashion, I wanted my children to have the experience and make the memories of “going out for pizza” as I did as child. However, our town only has the chain-style pizza places, not the traditional “pizza joints” to which I was accustomed.


We learned about a place that is located about 20 miles away in a neighboring town (Quartzsite, Arizona). JACKPOT!!

Family owned and operated since 1987, Silly Al’s Pizza offers a wide variety of yummy pizzas, along with tasty appetizers, salads, pastas, and sandwiches at very reasonable prices. It is a typical pizza joint with music, pool tables, and amazing service. Silly Al’s is well worth the 20 mile drive across the desert!

Being just what I had in mind, it has even become my youngest son’s choice for his birthday dinner. I am so thankful that my kids are now having the experience and making the memories of “going out for pizza”. These are the little things that will be a part of them even after they are grown. ❤

Below, is a picture of the pizza that Hubby and I shared last Friday night. It is the “Spinach Alfredo Delicious”. It comes with Alfredo sauce, pesto, and spinach with “lotsa” mozzarella. Oh my goodness!! It was the bomb! The boys had a cheese pizza. 🙂


Enjoy! ❤


2 thoughts on “Silly Al’s Pizza

  1. Oh my goodness, Karen! I loved your childhood memory and my grown children used to like going to a place called “Pizza Villa.” It had a juke box, a pizza buffet! Yay! It was reasonably priced as I was a single Mom. 🙂
    I would love to have this spinach and pesto over cheesy Alfredo pizza. Mmm mmm!

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