Cantaloupe Water


Hi there, friends!

Is it hot enough for you? Here in the land of cactus and tumbleweeds, it is supposed to get even warmer next week. A look at our forecast…

Crazy, isn’t it?

If you do not live in such a hot climate, you may be wondering how we stay cool. Well, to be honest, we do not stay cool. Our main concern is to not be hot. We attempt to accomplish this by using a great deal of air conditioning, staying indoors during the heat of the day, and consuming cooling food and drinks.

Of course water is the main go-to, but sometimes we like to reach for something with a little more flavor and nutrients. Fruit-flavored waters are great, but usually the type offered in stores contain very little fruit, if any at all. However, if you take a little extra time, you can have a great, refreshing, honest fruit-flavored water.


I decided on cantaloupe water because hubby had purchased 3 large cantaloupes during an awesome sale that our local supermarket was running. When I started cutting the melons, I realized that we had more fruit than we would be able to eat before it spoiled.


I cannot wait to try this with other summer fruits! It was so refreshing, tasty, and simple to make!

Here’s how I prepared it…

Cantaloupe Water


  • 1 ripe cantaloupe
  • water
  • sugar or artificial sweetener to taste (amount depends on the sweetness of your particular fruit)


  • Wash, dry, and cut cantaloupe in half and remove and discard seeds.
  • Remove skin and cut into small chunks.
  • Place chunks, along with a cup of water into blender and blend until smooth.
  • Pour liquid through a sieve into a pitcher. Add water to fill and stir well.
  • Taste and add sugar or sweetener, if needed.
  • Refrigerate and serve over ice.

* For a large cantaloupe, you will need a gallon-sized pitcher and for a small cantaloupe, a half gallon pitcher will be sufficient.

Enjoy! ❤



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