Sugar-Free Lemonade


Hi there, friends!

How’s the weather where you are? Well, ours is undeniably hot! Yesterday’s high temperature was 109, today is supposed to reach 109 again, and 110 for tomorrow. Oh well, such is life in the desert. 🙂

With the temperature rising, we continue to look for ways to cool off. One of the best we have found is a cool, icy glass of homemade lemonade. But, we have one catch…my youngest daughter (and lemonade lover) is Type-1 Diabetic, so the traditional, sugar-laden, yummy lemonades are out and sugar-free is in!

This recipe definitely fits the bill! It is cool, icy, yummy, homemade, and is safe for my daughter to drink. And, trust me, you don’t have to be a “diet drinker” to love it. It is a great way to save some calories while cooling off.

I suggest using fresh lemons if possible, but bottled lemon juice works as well. We were fortunate to have an “overload” of lemons from Hubby’s Auntie when this batch was made. 🙂


Here’s the recipe I use…

Sugar-free Lemonade


  • 1 1/2 cups fresh squeezed or bottled lemon juice
  • 1 cup Splenda (or sugar substitute of your choice)
  • 5 1/2 cups water
  • ice


  • In pitcher, stir lemon juice, Splenda, and water together.
  • Chill and serve over ice.


Enjoy! ❤



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