Mystic Maze in Needles


Hi there, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend!

We had a warm weekend here in the desert. We have gotten to our “three-digit” days and I’m already dreading the next electric bill. 😬

Although we had some chores to get done at home, Saturday just felt like one of those days to take a drive. We have not been able to get out much recently, so a drive through the countryside (desert for us) seemed like a great way to get away for a few hours. But where to go?

Hubby suggesting taking a drive to Needles, California. From our home in Blythe, it is about 100 miles away. Now, mind you, Needles is not typically a destination for most people. It is basically a stop for weary drivers on I-40, just as our home of Blythe is on I-10. However, we wanted to check out a local river campground where Hubby camped years ago.

Knowing that a “campground pass-by” did not really justify a 200 mile round-trip drive, I began an internet search to see if there was anything else of interest to do or see. Well, an interesting, little-known sight popped up on my search.

Mystic Maze. Hmmm. Sounded interesting, so I continued searching. I learned that it is a geoglyph created by the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and is believed to be over 600 years old. The belief of the modern Mojave people is that the Maze was a place to leave bad spirits behind and served as a portal to the afterlife.

Unfortunately, through development of the railroad in the 1880’s and Route 66 in 1926, much of the original geoglyph has been destroyed, so only a small portion remains. The site is fenced for necessary  protection, so I took the best photos I possibly could. If you are interested in more of the history, you can search Mystic Maze or Topock Maze (as it is also referred to) and you will be able to see aerial views that show how amazing the site truly is.

Although, it was a bit off the beaten path and only a 10 minute stop, it was well worth the effort!! It was a great learning experience for the kids, as well as Hubby and myself. By the way, we got all those chores done on Sunday. 🙂

Here’s what I was able to photograph…

Enjoy ❤️


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