Dinner at Hodad’s


Hi there friends!

Happy Monday!

I’m hoping that the picture above brightens the day for your taste-buds!   Who doesn’t love a great burger and fries or onion rings?  Our family loves a great burger.  Although we make a lot of burgers at home, we love to have a great ‘out to eat’ burger too.

A while back, when Hubby and I were in San Diego on our Cabrillo National Monument Day Trip, we visited another San Diego landmark, Hodad’s in Ocean Beach.  Hodad’s is known for their amazing burgers and they’ve been featured on Triple D!

Hodad’s began in Ocean Beach, but they now have a location in Downtown San Diego and one at Petco Park in San Diego as well.  Here’s the link to their website for more about their history, locations and menu…http://hodadies.com/.


This was our first trip to Hodad’s.  We went at the recommendation of my daughters, who have been there before and knew that we would love it.  My oldest daughter’s number one tip?  She told me to order the mini burger because there was no way I would finish the regular burger.

They were right!  The food was beyond delicious!!  We both ordered the Mini Bacon Hamburger Basket.  I ordered the fries with mine and Hubby ordered the onion rings with his so we could try both the fries and rings.

OH MY GOODNESS! The burger was YUMMY and there was just as much bacon as burger in the bun!  For a bacon addict like me, I could not have been happier!  The fries and rings were just as good.  And my daughter was right.  We could barely finish the mini burgers.  Unfortunately, we had to give up before the last couple fries and rings because we were just too full. 🙂

To make the meal even better, the service was just as good as the food!  The servers were extremely friendly and attentive and we had our food within ten minutes of being seated.

We will most definitely make a return trip for lunch or dinner the next time we’re in San Diego.  We know the boys will love it!

P.S. Along with the relaxed, friendly vibe, the decor is adorable!


Enjoy! ❤


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