Poston Memorial Monument

Poston Memorial Monument, Poston, Arizona

Hi there friends!

One of the things that I love about blogging is having the ability to learn about places of interest where fellow bloggers live and visit.  Of course I can learn many of these things through books and the internet, but I enjoy learning what others see through their pictures and thoughts.  So, I thought I would share my travels (however limited they are at this point) with you.

Since we moved here, three years ago, I have driven from our home in Blythe, California to Parker, Arizona to shop at Walmart once a month.  On the way to Parker, I drive through a small farming community called Poston.  Alongside the road in Poston is a memorial monument.  Every time I have driven by this monument, I have wondered why the monument is there, but I’ve always been in a hurry to get shopping done and get home.  Until a couple of weeks ago…

My boys and I were on our way to do the “monthly Walmart run” and I figured that it would be the perfect time to stop since they were with me.  They enjoy an adventure and I love sharing my love of history and learning with them.

So, out of the car we went.  Luckily, it was mid-morning so the temperature was still tolerable (about 96 degrees)  for the short time it would take to learn about the monument.

We learned that the monument is there as a memorial to all of the Japanese-Americans that were evacuated to interment camps during World War II.  Poston was one of the sites of these camps, although there is virtually no evidence remaining of the camp with the exception of the memorial.  To learn more about the monument and see more pictures, visit .  It is very interesting and I wasn’t able to take very many pictures due to the uncooperative placement of the sun at the time. 🙂

I can’t tell you how glad I am that we stopped and learned why the monument is there.  It became such an awesome conversation and teaching moment for my boys and myself.  I was so proud and impressed by my fourteen year old son when he was able to immediately take a historical event that took place before his grandparents were born and relate it to attitudes and events that are taking place in our world today. It’s sad that more adults can’t see current events with the same sense that my son does. 😦

So, while Poston, Arizona is now just a little dot on the map, it does hold a significant piece of our past that should never be forgotten.  I know I’ll never forget the memorial to our fellow Americans and the precious memories it gave me by sharing it with my boys. ❤



Enjoy! ❤




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