Leftovers for Breakfast? Number 2

Tamale Pie Breakfast

Hi there friends!  It’s Throwback Thursday! 🙂

During my research  for a “throwback post”, I found a post that I published about 6 months ago, Leftovers For Breakfast?.  I then checked my collection of pictures that I haven’t used yet for a post and remembered that I had planned for a follow-up to the Leftovers post.  I know it’s been a long time, but here’s the follow-up.  Finally! 🙂

First, I need to give my family credit…I am a very fortunate mom to have a family that loves leftovers.  They understand that eating leftovers reduces waste, helps our food budget and that some foods actually taste better the second time around.

This breakfast began the day before when I made Tamale Pie.  Hubby ate two sizable servings for dinner and still wanted some for the next meal…breakfast.  For some, it may have taken some time to come up with a way to incorporate Tamale Pie into breakfast, but this was pretty simple…Hubby loves a fried egg on anything.

Here’s what I did…

  • First, I reheated a piece of the Tamale Pie in the microwave.
  • Meanwhile I fried an egg to place on top of the Tamale Pie
  • To finish it, I put a dollop of salsa on top and there you are!  Ready to go!

Start to finish, it took approximately 5 minutes along with making his cup of coffee.

Food for thought- Compared to a prepared breakfast, such as frozen or drive-thru, a leftover breakfast wins hands-down.  It takes the same (if not less) time, is much less expensive and helps reduce waste.  But that isn’t the best part…The best part is that you know every single ingredient that is in your meal when you begin with a homemade dinner.  I love that! ❤

Go ahead, get creative and try some leftovers for breakfast!

Breakfast Steak Sandwich for Leftovers for Breakfast #1

Enjoy! ❤


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