“Dirt Cheap” Copper Pot Cleaner


TGIFF!! Thank goodness it’s Frugal Friday! :):)

Not only is it Frugal Friday, but it’s President’s Day Weekend and Valentine’s Day all wrapped up in one!  Woohoo!

Today, I’m sharing a way to clean your copper-bottom pots that is so inexpensive and easy that you’ll have plenty of money and time left to spend on and with your Valentine. ❤  In fact, I’ll bet you already have the ingredients sitting right there in your kitchen cabinet.

Two ingredients. Really.  Two ingredients!


I love this!  Both ingredients are safe to use, inexpensive and most of us have them on hand all the time.

Now, that you have the long (hahaha) list of ingredients, I should explain the detailed process you need to follow to clean your pots…

  1. Find a shallow baking dish/pan or container that will fit the bottom of your pot.
  2. Pour enough vinegar in the dish so that it will cover the copper portion of your pots.
  3. Stir in a generous amount of salt.
  4. Place your pots, one at a time in the dish and let soak for a short time (for difficult pots, soak longer or sprinkle with salt directly, pour some vinegar over and scrub gently).DSCF1947
  5. Rinse with water and dry immediately (staying damp is what helps them tarnish in the first place).
  6. Enjoy using your “new” pots!

Really difficult, huh?  Lol!

I found this a while back on Pinterest and I loved the results just as much as the results from my previous cleaner.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!! ❤




5 thoughts on ““Dirt Cheap” Copper Pot Cleaner

  1. I love borax also 🙂 My grandmother always used lemon to shine the pots. My sister has them now so I will pass them on. Oh and I had to start a whole new blog so hopefully it shows up here but its almost 3 in the morning so if it doesn’t I will send it tomorrow or fix whatever is wrong. My daughters poor boyfriend spend all day on it but it kept saying it was deleted yet I could see it. So here goes hoping it posts! Oh its called No longer a quiet voice @ wordpress if it doesn’t. Ok I am sleep stupid so off I go


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