Sunsets in the Desert



Hi there friends!

I know that I usually post recipes, but I really want to share some pictures that I have taken from my backyard.

I have lived in Southern California for over 25 years now, but I’ve only lived in the desert for the last 3 years.  Before I moved here, I wasn’t worried about the high temperatures, but I was worried about the presumed “lack of beauty” in the scenery.  I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, so I like green…green grass, green trees and so on.  So, moving to the desert was as polar-opposite as I could get…brown sand, brown dirt, brown bushes, brown trees,and, sometimes, brown air (dust storms).  No wonder most people presume that it isn’t very pretty here, right?

Well…I have come to believe that presumption isn’t all that accurate.  Sure, we don’t have grass, luscious bushes and flowers, BUT, we have absolutely amazing sunrises and sunsets!  The beauty that is sometimes lacking on the ground is completely made up for in the sky.

These pictures are what I see from my kitchen window every evening and no two sunsets are ever the same…






Enjoy! ❤


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