Chicken Chip Bake from 1968


Hi there friends!

It’s Thursday…that means Throwback Thursday!  I haven’t done a throwback post in quite some time.  So…here we go!


The vintage cookbook that I chose for today’s post is from 1968.  It is Better Homes and Gardens’ Casserole Cookbook.  I don’t know about you, but I love casseroles.  I love gathering everything, putting it in one dish, placing it in the oven and enjoying the wonderful aroma as it bakes!


The recipe I chose was for “Chicken Chip Bake”.  As I read the recipe ingredients, I figured it would turn out like a hot chicken salad.  So, I checked the  handy-dandy, day-old rack at my supermarket and found some great rolls for  my “hot chicken salad”.


While it turned out quite yummy, I will be “spicing it up” a good bit next time, because it was a little on the bland side for our taste.  It is a great base recipe, but there are all kinds of ways you could make this your own.  I know I’ll be adding some jalapenos, red pepper flake and green onions next time! 🙂


As you can see in the recipe, it calls for almonds and MSG.  I didn’t have any almonds on hand, so I used walnuts and 1 teaspoon of seasoning salt in place of the MSG and regular salt.  Both substitutions worked great!

Here’s a picture of what it looked like in the book:


And here is mine…definitely not as fancy-smancy looking. 🙂


And then on a yummy, warm, toasted roll…


It was a hit, even with my pickiest eater!

Enjoy! ❤


2 thoughts on “Chicken Chip Bake from 1968

  1. I love old cookbooks and I have that one too! My family always rolls their eyes when I say I want to make some of the recipes. I may just have to go ahead and do it now!

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    1. Just don’t let them know where the recipe came from before they have it! 🙂 My family is used to it…I have a collection of over 100 old books. Lol. I just always have to add a lot of spice…most of the recipes from the old books are pretty bland.

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