Soy Chorizo


Happy Wednesday!  We’ve made it to the halfway point of our first post-holiday week.  Just a couple more days until the weekend. 🙂

Since my past couple recipes have been for “not-so-good-for-you-treats”, I wanted to share something that I love to use that is lower in fat and cholesterol than it’s less healthy counterpart…soy chorizo.

Yes, you read correctly.  Soy Chorizo.  I love the stuff.  It works wonderfully in any dish that calls for regular pork or beef chorizo.  With soy chorizo, I can indulge without the guilt and still enjoy the spicy flavor I love without the greasiness of the regular chorizo. (You may need to add a small amount of water to the chorizo when cooking since there is very little fat.)

My absolute favorite dish to use it in is my potato and chorizo tacos.  YUM!!

Go ahead and give the soy a try the next time you have some chorizo! 🙂





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