Sweet Peanut Butter Dates


Happy New Year!!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Now that we’ve survived the holiday, we’re in “date season”.  No, not the type of date that you might want for Valentine’s Day.  Lol. 🙂

I’m talking about the fruit that is in season at this time of year.  Dates are very high in fiber, potassium and several other vitamins, such as copper, manganese, magnesium and B6…but they are very high in sugar as well.

While this treat is healthier for you than a processed, high sugar candy bar, it is definitely high in sugar and should be eaten in moderation. 🙂

With that said, this is a quick, easy treat to make, although it can get a little messy with the powdered sugar and stickiness of the dates.  A little bit of waxed paper on the counter-top can help.

Here’s how you make them…

Sweet Peanut Butter Dates


  • dates
  • peanut butter (I prefer crunchy, but creamy works too)
  • powdered sugarDSCF1830


  • Slice dates in half and remove pits.DSCF1833
  • Spoon some peanut butter in each half.DSCF1835
  • Roll and press in powdered sugar until well coated, shaking off excess.DSCF1836
  • Store in an airtight container.


Enjoy! ❤





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