Frugal Friday…DIY Cake Plate

IMG_2751TGIF!  We’ve made it to the end of another week and almost to the end of another month.  September is just a few days away…woohoo!  I’m so ready for fall!  How about you?

Even though I’ll bake when it’s 113 degrees outside, fall is my ultimate favorite time of year to bake.  Cooler days, fall holidays and the “season of pumpkin” all add to my inspiration to bake.  My boys are already anxious for Pumpkin Bread. 🙂

No, this post isn’t a recipe for fall baking (I’m sure you knew that from the title), but it does have something to do with baking.  If you were to take precious time out of your busy day to bake something for your friends and family, wouldn’t you like to have something special to serve it on?  Sure you would, but nice cake plates can be pricey…

When Hubby and I tied the knot earlier this year, we had a very small reception at home a few weeks after the ceremony.  Even though we only had a very worn “shoestring budget”, there were some special things that I really wanted to have for the reception.  Cake plates were some of those things.  I made our wedding cakes myself and wanted to have something special to put them on for serving.  I looked at some of the prices for cake plates and they were nowhere near my budget for just one…and I needed three for the three different cakes I was making.

What’s a bride to do when the budget doesn’t allow for something she really wants?  A resourceful one finds a way to DIH (do-it-herself). 🙂  So, off to Pinterest I went.  DIY cake plates were all over the place!  I came up with an idea for my plates, went shopping and then got to work.  In less than thirty minutes, I had all three of my cake plates done, which means it would take less than ten minutes for one.

How much did they cost?  My total was $22.00 for the supplies for all three plates.  That’s less than the cost for just one of the other cake plates I had seen online.  I could have made them for even less if I had gotten the supplies at the dollar store.  They just didn’t have the supplies I wanted for the occasion.  Believe me, the next time I make one, I will be checking there first!

How hard is this to do?  Not hard at all!  You don’t have to have a crafty bone in your body.  I am somewhat crafty and I could have almost done this project with my eyes closed.  It just involves lining up, gluing and holding in place.  Easy, right?

The most time consuming part of this project is picking out your supplies.  You can make your cake plate exactly to your taste, creativity and occasion.  Our reception was very simply done with burlap, jars and candles; therefore, I went very simple with my cake plates.  You could make yours as simple or as fancy as  you like.  This would be a great way to find something to do with leftover or mismatched dishes or yard sale finds, so it could end up costing very little or perhaps nothing at all. 🙂

Onto the project!  Here’s how you make it…


  • PlateIMG_2754
  • Bowl, cup or glass for baseIMG_2752
  • Superglue


  • Wash and dry plate and base.  Cover work area with newspaper.
  • Line plate and base up to figure exactly how you want to glue it.IMG_2756
  • Squeeze a line of glue around the top outer edge of the base and carefully place the plate on top.
  • Hold plate firmly in place for time recommended according to your superglue directions.  IMG_2751
  • Let cure overnight and you’re ready to serve!IMG_4954IMG_4955

Just think of all the different options there are for a project like this!  The possibilities are endless.  It can be used for pies, cookies and cupcakes as well.

I hope you have a great weekend and happy crafting! ❤


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