Frugal Friday – Food Budget Saver #2

IMG_4502Hey there friends!  I’m back with another way to save some “bread” on your grocery bill.  I hope you have thought about trying my last saving tip about cooking dry beans instead of using canned beans.  Remember, fall is coming and the cooler weather is a great time for cooking beans. 🍁🍂🍁

This post’s tip is easier, less time consuming and involves shopping!  Okay, okay, don’t get too awful excited…I’m suggesting you go to your favorite or closest supermarket and head to the back corners of the store.  And there you will meet a man named Guido who will give you a phone number that you will take to the corner store and use the payphone to call.  No, no, nothing that creepy! 😱

I’m suggesting you go to the back corners of the supermarket because that is usually where they place the “day old” bread racks.  That’s where it is in my local store, although it may be located somewhere else in your store.   If you don’t see one anywhere, just ask one of the employees in the bakery department if they have one.IMG_4771

If they have one, you may have hit pay-dirt!  At my local supermarket, their own bakery baked goods are quite pricey at regular price, but when they get moved to the “day old” rack, they’re usually marked down by about two-thirds (66%).  Now that’s the kind of savings that I’m looking for!  I’m always picking up rolls and specialty breads for 99 cents.

How do we eat all that bread and rolls before it goes bad?  We don’t.  That’s the wonderful thing about breads…the freeze wonderfully!  Just bring it home from the store and put it in the freezer and you’re done!  When you are ready to use it, just pull it out of the freezer and let thaw for about an hour and you’re ready to go!IMG_4822

Pretty easy, right?  Check your store the next time you’re shopping and give it a try!

A couple tips:

  • Check a couple hours after the store has opened.  This gives the bakery employees time to go through their stock and move it to the day old rack.
  • The day after holidays are usually great!  My store usually has carts full of product.
  • Always check the product first for any problems, but I have never gotten anything that was not still fresh.  It has always been before the sell by date as well.
  • Let what you find give you inspiration for meals and be creative.  Hint…the little dinner rolls make great “slider” buns for mini burgers, BBQ and pulled pork.

Happy saving! ❤️IMG_4820IMG_4834


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