Turkey Update!

  Hi again!  At the beginning of this week, I shared that I roasted a “July Turkey” and told you I would follow up with any ideas or recipes that I used with my turkey. 

Well, we’ve had two dinners with turkey thus far. The first one is a no-brainer. I just sliced some of the breast and poured a little bit of BBQ sauce on top. I served it with some quickly-made lemon-garlic brown rice and some green beans. It was a nice, light summer dinner.  Yum #1!

The second dinner was a quick, easy dinner as well.  I started with sandwich thins, added a nice big handful of turkey, some red bell pepper and topped it off with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese.  I placed it in the broiler for a few minutes to heat the turkey, melt the cheese and toast the bun. After removing from the oven, I added my condiments and put a few baby carrots and leftover pepper slices on the side. Yum #2! 


The above are two of the reasons I love making a turkey even in July…it allows for quick, easy, healthy dinners for my family.  I’ll continue to update with any additions, because we still have a lot of turkey left!  Yay!



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